The Top 10 Benefits of Installing a Plant Wall


Plant walls are becoming more and more popular for both commercial and residential use. A stunning addition to any design scheme a plant wall can provide many benefits both aesthetically and environmentally. Here are the top 10 benefits of installing a plant wall:

1.Aesthetically Pleasing: A plant wall is a completely customizable design feature that can be used both indoors and out. The plant wall has become a key design feature for many high end hotels, retailers and even office buildings. They are fabulous when presented on a large scale incorporating a number of varieties of plants to produce graphic detail, art and texture. On a smaller scale they offer a delicate, lovely back drop to reception areas, the foyers of homes and a welcoming detail to office building and home exteriors.

2.An Urban Oasis: In homes with tiny urban gardens or terraces and balconies, a plant wall can provide a source of great joy to avid gardeners. They are easy to care for, look lovely and can use just about any type of plant you wish to grow. You can combine berries, herbs and vegetable vines as an urban farmer or use plants designed to provide a splash of green in a gray world.

3.Breathe Easier: Whether installed in a commercial or residential environment, plant walls offer many health benefits. Because plants produce oxygen having a plant wall inside your home or office provides you with energy rich oxygen while removing toxins. You will also benefit from the calming affects of greenery which has been proven to provide less stress lowering blood pressure and increasing productivity by 12 percent.

4.Energy Benefits: Exterior plant walls help reduce energy consumption as they can keep a home or office 10 percent cooler than normal exterior walls as well as providing a layer of insulation in the winter. The reduction in energy consumption will help you reduce your home or office's carbon footprint.

5.Natural Temperature Control: Plant walls do not just have a cooling effect on your interior environment; they actually contribute to the cooling effect of the urban streets. The heat island effect caused by larger populations, emissions, asphalt and traffic can be lessened with natural walls of greenery that filter pollution and cool walls by as much as 15 percent.

6.Green is the new gray: Green provides a very modern, eco-chic look to the humdrum gray building facades of the past and is an easy and affordable way to update any building. They also provide protection to existing walls making them a practical update for just about any property.

7.Brand It: If you are looking for a new way to brand your business you can create a logo using a plant wall. This is a unique way to brand your business and can help raise your eco-awareness profile for the growing population of eco-savvy consumers. Nothing says eco-responsible like a plant wall.

8.Urban Patios: Having a plant wall on your bar or restaurant patio provides a cooling wall for guests. You can also get creative and grow herbs to be used in drinks like fresh mint for mojitos, salads and other menu items or design a piece of art for conversation.

9.Wildlife Sanctuary: Plant walls also attract species of birds, butterflies and other wildlife that have lost their homes doe to urban sprawl.

10.Peace and Quiet: Plant walls can reduce city noise by as much as 40dBs.

Plant walls provide a sense of eco savvy design to a gray and harsh urban landscape while reducing energy consumption and your carbon footprint.