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Learn How to Install a Living Wall Planter in Your Home


If you’ve been considering installing a living wall planter in your home, you might be worried about the work involved in the installation. You won’t find an easier method than the vertical wall planters from GSky! Our planters make it easy to install a gorgeous, lush garden in your home or office that requires minimal maintenance. All you have to do to install our system is use the included hook and screws and attach your unit to the wall. You can hang multiple units side by side to get a living wall planter that is the perfect size for your space. Don’t want to mess with the hardware? Simply set our vertical wall garden on a flat surface. Our units are sturdy enough that you don’t need to hang them if you don’t want to.

You can fill your new living wall planter with succulents for easy maintenance, herbs for your culinary experiments in the kitchen, or wonderful plants like Aloe that are great at cleaning the air in your home. The choice is yours, and because the planters simply use potted plants, you can quickly and easily switch out your plants to the the look you want. Browse through our website and see all of the vertical wall planters we have to offer.

We have a variety of sizes and styles so you can find the look and size that you want for your home or office. Once you find the right planter, be sure you visit our Plants and Designs section of our website to view the plants we recommend and get some beautiful design ideas for your new planter. Place your order today and install a living wall planter that brings beauty and life into your space. 

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We've got you covered here at gsky Plant Systems. We offer living wall planter and more. Let us set you up today.

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