GSky Vertical Wall Garden Systems


The use of plants in your interior design is an excellent way to brighten up the atmosphere. In fact, many people use plants in their homes or offices in order to help create a more relaxing and calming environment. Plants also help to filter the air of your indoor spaces, making them a healthy addition to any indoor environment. Instead of taking up floor space with one or two potted plants, you should consider putting up a vertical wall garden. There is usually plenty of wall space available, which means you can take advantage of it to install a vertical wall garden. Not only does this help save space, a vertical wall garden also helps to create more balance to your interior design due to its use of vertical space. As far as vertical wall garden products go, you can’t go wrong with the many vertical wall garden products offered by GSky.

The living green wall cabinet and column
One of the easiest ways to introduce a vertical wall garden to your home or office is by using a wall cabinet. Wall cabinets are an easy way to display your choice of plantlife and they come in two types: the smart wall garden cabinet and the vertical wall garden column. The wall garden cabinet is an excellent option if you have a lot of wall space to work with. You can even get two or three of them and line them up for a visually stunning indoor vertical garden. Little installation and maintenance required, the smart wall garden cabinet is fully assembled and is equipped with a water tank and timed auto-irrigation system. The column works well for spaces where the horizontal wall space is limited, such as beside a doorframe. The column holds 26 potted plants and is built using composite wood and wood veneers in a black satin lacquer. The cabinet comes in three color choices, espresso brown, white or black and is equipped with GSky's patented Versa tray system that distributes water equally to all plants. Both the wall garden cabinet and the vertical wall garden column are incredibly easy to both use and maintain.

Vertical wall garden frames
For smaller vertical wall garden options, the vertical garden frames are excellent alternatives. These singular frames come in several different sizes and colors and can hold up to 9 to 10 potted plants. The great thing about the vertical garden frames is that no replanting is necessary, you can simply place the original tray into the frame where it will remain even when hung onto a wall. The vertical garden frames also give you more flexibility to design an interesting composition on your wall space. For example, you can pick up four vertical garden frames and hang them in a horizontal row, vertical row or even a diagonal row to create a more dynamic aesthetic. Vertical garden frames are also an excellent alternative to the larger wall cabinet and column due to the fact that you may only want to hang up a few plants on a wall where you don’t have that much space to work with, such as in a kitchen, for example.

Planting your vertical wall garden
It’s important to remember that not all plants will thrive in a vertical wall garden. Always do a little research when it comes to picking out your plants. Some of the popular options for vertical wall gardens include golden pothos, pink nephthytis, lipstick plants, burgundy rubber plants, dwarf poinsettias and nerve plants, to name a few. When choosing your plants, make sure to keep in mind the color and texture so that you can create a visually pleasant and balanced composition within your vertical wall garden.

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