Enhance Your Well Being With One of Our Vertical Gardening Systems


As a society, we are spending an increased amount of time indoors. Most of us work, play, and relax inside. In fact, the majority of us are inside 90% of the time! Being inside all the time certainly has it’s effects on us in many different ways, and we miss out on some the truly amazing benefits of being around plant life. Luckily GSky has a solution for you. We design, manufacture, and assemble the most beautiful vertical wall gardening systems that can bring all of the benefits of nature, right to you, indoors.

Nature has many effects on people. Studies have shown that people who work around plants are more productive, can concentrate better, are more positive, have more job satisfaction, and have higher rates of accuracy. Plants in your home can lower blood pressure, help to relieve stress, and increase well-being. These are just a few of the many benefits that one of our incredible vertical wall gardens can have for you.

Our living walls are like nothing that you have ever seen before. They are a completely unique way to decorate your office or home, and they are so easy to take care of. All of our living wall planters are self-irrigating, completely waterproof, and require absolutely no special hook-ups for water. You won’t have to worry about dirty soil messes or having to remember to frequently water with our innovative vertical wall planters.

Just because you work, play, and rest inside does not mean that you can’t enjoy all of the amazing benefits that nature has to offer. Start experiencing for yourself why so many people, and world renowned corporations like Twitter, are raving about our living walls, by contacting us today about yours.